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Krishna Kesavan

Our CEO? He's an IIT Roorkee alum who practically lives and breathes the startup hustle. He's the brains behind a bunch of startups, including Europe's top news app for immigrants. Not just a business guy, he's a total product whiz, having led teams at big names like Ola, Delivery Hero, and Sixt. From startup infancy to unicorn status, he's seen it all. He's the real deal! 🚀🦄


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Hari Kesavan

From IIT Madras' class of 2016, we've got a dynamo on our team who's not just any entrepreneur. He's the brain behind Europe's go-to news app for immigrants and has been the growth guy at a bunch of cool startups. We're stoked to have him on board! 🚀🔥


Vedad Hadziabdic

Our team's got a legend with 20 years of rocking Europe's fanciest hotels and eateries. One of the best sommeliers around? Yup, that's us. Made it to Germany's top 50 list and got a shout-out not once, but twice, by Rolling Pin as one of the country's top 3 Maître. We're stoked to bring that level of game to our clients. Cheers to unmatched vibes and experiences! 🍷🥂

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Lydia Rabinowitch Strasse 26, Berlin, 10057


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